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The must-sees and absolute no-no’s for every type of horror movie enthusiast

If you’re searching for a grandiose list of horror movies to watch, look no further. Most of the films mentioned below can be watched through your typical Netflix, Hulu, or Prime Video streaming service. Whether you’re looking for some cheesy jump scares or a deeper psychological thriller, this list of 20+ horror movies has got you covered. Ranked from best to worst, the movies mentioned below— some of which you might have heard of, some of which might be hidden gems — are notable in my book…whether for better or for worse.


  • Midsommar (2019): 11/10
  • Hereditary (2018): 11/10
  • The Conjuring…

My experience interviewing for software engineering roles (SWE) at Amazon, Google, Apple, and Facebook

These past few months have been a whirlwind. After months of preparation and back-to-back interviews, I have finally signed an offer to work in San Francisco as a software engineer and could not be more ecstatic! Here is how the process went for me at the Big 4 tech companies (I interviewed for college/university grad positions and am speaking only from personal experience!)

Amazon (received an offer for software development engineer)

This was the first offer I received from one of the Big 4 tech companies — I was extended an offer for the Seattle area and was so incredibly excited to stay on the west coast!

Completed and sent in online application (early August)


Interviewing for software engineering roles (SWE)

I recently signed my offer letter to work in San Francisco as an incoming software engineer and can finally say with excitement, gratitude, and relief, “It’s over! The job hunt is over!”

While I would love to say that the past few months had me floating on cloud 9, that could not be further from the truth. Looking back, I remember how difficult the beginning of this journey was. I felt overwhelmed, insecure, and discouraged. The first few rejections were some of the hardest to stomach. …

One of the fundamental aims across different scientific disciplines is to understand the methods by which variables take on their values, and to subsequently estimate what those values may have been had the generating mechanism in question been subject to manipulation. Whether it is investigating the driving forces of greenhouse gas emissions or identifying the biomarkers that emerge when cancerous cells multiply, a large part of scientific research is dedicated to defining and understanding cause-and-effect relationships.

Scientific research is rooted in the understanding of causal relationships

If we could somehow pinpoint the modifiable causes of unfavorable outcomes, we could transform the world by making the needed adjustments. This statement then…

Jessica Wang

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